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Coolers and Freezers Commercial refrigeration accounts for 20% of all energy used on our planet today, which is why it is one of the areas we focus on for conservation.

lasix generic Coolers:

here In coolers and refrigerators, our filters increase the life of perishables up to 200%, eliminate odor contamination, mold and bacteria, and absorb 100% of ethylene gas (a major cause of aging of fruit and vegetables). All refrigerator surfaces remain dry and safe. The dryness eliminates rust, reduces maintenance costs, and significantly extends the life of your expensive refrigeration equipment. Electricity use is decreased by 10-30%. In refrigerators, operating temperatures (at the same thermostat setting) are reduced an average of 2-4°F. The relative humidity is reduced so that it almost never reaches 100%, meaning that condensation is not formed.

source Freezers:

generic for lasix In freezers, we eliminate icing, keeping all surfaces (especially the floor) slip-free and safe. Further, their unique ability to absorb bacteria and mold spores eliminates “freezer burn,” a major cause of food loss. Expensive defrost cycles can be eliminated because our filters already keep your freezer dry.  These improvements allow for electrical savings up to 40%. Operating temperatures at the same thermostat setting are reduced an average of 2-4°F. And relative humidity in the freezer is reduced so that it almost never reaches 100%, meaning that ice is not formed.