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Power Enhancement

The Problem: Poor Quality Electricity

Your company’s expensive electronics and machinery are under constant assault by power surges and spikes, which waste electricity brought on by unused capacity and electrical noise. This is costing you money with a higher electric bill and also in the lifespan of your office equipment and machinery. Thankfully, there is a solution and we have it: The PowerwoRx family of Clean Power Systems for your business. PowerwoRx is a triple threat to poorly-conditioned electricity. First, it eliminates waste of electricity due to inductive motors; second, it offers complete surge and spike protection for your entire facilities’ electrical system; and third, it reduces obnoxious noise that deteriorates your electronics over time.

If seeing and saving is believing, we invite you to take a closer look at the future of energy conditioning. Our power enhancement systems represent sole source, breakthrough technology in the ongoing battle for energy efficiency. Capable of addressing the entire electrical system in an industrial, commercial, recreational or residential facility, our systems work to save money in six key ways by:

  • Lowering True Kilowatt Demand
  • Lowering Kilowatt Hours
  • Reducing Total Current Content, Including Harmonics
  • Correcting Power Factor
  • Protecting Against Surges and Spikes
  • Reducing Motor Wear and Maintenance

The bottom line is savings in hard and soft dollars not only in your energy consumption and on your electrical bills, but on your capital budget as well.