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From downsizing your energy bills to protecting your expensive equipment, The Green Alliance will produce real results.

Today’s industrial facilities are putting greater demands on electrical distribution systems. With more machinery and sensitive equipment negatively affected by inefficient power, engineers have a problem. You will hear a lot about capacitors correcting power factor (i.e., the inherent inefficiency of the electrical signal), and to a degree they can, but with potential resonance and safety risks. Our system conditions “dirty power,” improving power factor and benefiting your facilities entire system.

The power enhancement of our technology (1) lowers true kilowatt demand and reduces kilowatt hours while correcting power factor and protecting against surges and spikes, (2) reduces total current content (including harmonics), and (3) reduces motor wear and maintenance. Power enhancement will also improve load balancing and voltage regulation.

Power enhancement treats your entire electrical distribution system, rather than simply addressing individual loads. Our industrial units up to our 600 volt model are installed at the electrical panels supplying inductive loads or at the disconnect links for large motors (e.g., elevators, air-conditioning units, heavy-duty machinery, etc.).

It is recommended for any panel at which surge protection is a primary concern, and it is fully engineered to optimize the benefits of the technology while causing zero downtime or loss of productivity. Let us help you downsize your energy budget while improving your cash flow.  Properly engineered, we have found that our systems in a manufacturing environment can pay for itself within as few as 24 months of installation.