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Every company, big or small, in any industry, can benefit from an installation.

Manufacturers, facility managers, business owners, municipalities, school systems, colleges and university campus managers, hospital and health care administrators the list of operations is endless. Our systems can and will reduce energy consumption while improving the effectiveness of electrical power, extending equipment life, improving equipment function, and reducing electromagnetic fields from the point of connection on inductive loads.

All of our integrated power enhancement systems will achieve energy savings for all inductive loads, including motorized equipment (e.g., air-conditioning units, elevators, pumps, refrigerators, manufacturing machinery, etc.) and magnetically-ballasted lighting, while providing reliable protection for all your surge-sensitive microprocessor-based equipment.

Our power enhancement technology saves you money by lowering true kilowatt demand and reducing kilowatt hours while correcting power factor, protecting against surges and spikes, reducing total current content (including harmonics), and reducing motor wear and maintenance. Our system also improves load balancing and voltage regulation. It treats your entire electrical distribution system, rather than simply addressing individual loads, and it is recommended when surge and spike protection is a primary concern.

All of our installations are fully engineered to optimize the benefits of the technology while causing zero downtime or loss of productivity. Let us downsize your energy budget while improving your cash flow. Properly engineered, we have found that installing our systems in a commercial environment can pay for itself within as few as 24 months of installation.