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Save on Commercial Laundry

nonprescription prednisone Ozone activates the wash water, allowing it to be more efficient and thereby using less total water. Facilities use less while enjoying the savings on their water and sewer bills.

  • Reduce Hot Water Usage as Much as 85% or More Our system allows users to wash in predominately cold water, which drastically reduces energy usage and energy bills. Our system is the only clinically-validated system guaranteed to kill over 99.999% of the super-bugs MRSA (staph), C.diff, and Aspergillus niger. The system also prevents HIV and all hepatitis strains from surviving the wash process. Ozone has the substantial ability to energize laundry chemicals. This allows chemistry to be more effective and more efficient, reducing the chance of excess chemicals from the wash finding their way into our environment. Don’t believe everything you see. Our system is the buy propecia online without prescription only ozone system  go here clinically validated to disinfect & kill the super-bugs MRSA (Staph), C.diff and aspergillus niger,

Our laundry system is the only system in North America that is clinically validated to disinfect and to kill the super bugs MRSA (staph), C diff, aspergillus niger, HIV and Hepatitis, 12 strains of bacteria as well as 4 viral strains amongst others on every load. It is important that when approached by an individual in regards to purchasing a system for your laundry, always ask to see verification that their system has been clinically tested and validated for Super-bug kill!