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About Us

best buy lasix 40 mg get link The Green Alliance provides energy conservation, energy management, and sustainability for businesses and organizations by utilizing a plethora of services and technologies. We work with Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses. We excel in guiding companies towards cost-effective solutions and sustainable energy.

canadian levitra mail no prescription Our experience has shown us that while there are many common issues facing energy consumers, there are few places to go to find answers. By assessing your company’s unique needs, we create a road map to energy savings. We know what to do to lower energy costs substantially, and thereby lower operating costs. We provide Solution Choices which determine those products and/or services that will most quickly and effectively reduce costs and energy consumption. We initially focus on technologies and services which will allow you utilize all of the energy that you are currently paying for. quanto costa Viagra generico 100 mg online “Over $20 billion dollars of electricity is unusable energy, but billable in the US.” – U. S. Department of Energy It is our intention to catalyze an follow link Energy Reduction Chain Reaction. What we focus on is assisting you in creating savings to fund additional energy reduction projects implementing common sense incremental improvements in energy consumption in order to maximize the energy that you are already purchasing, until such time as your energy reduction is maximized. We create a unique levitra contrassegno prezzo Energy Reduction Road Map specifically for your business. The process is not time consuming for you. We perform the following steps:

  1. Review your energy usage for the past year.
  2. Complete a simple facility survey – we may visit your site directly.
  3. Inform you of all possible options as well as Federal and State incentives.
  4. Give you a simple, but effective road map detailing advantages, potential savings, costs and a (ROI) – “return on invested capital” analysis.

You make the final informed decision on when and how to implement the plan. By working with see The Green Alliance you reap the benefits of a well-informed cost savings choices and energy purchases and dependable service. By outsourcing your energy conservation and procurement needs with us, your company will:

  • Maximize savings potential
  • Engage Facility energy audits, engineering services and technical design assistance
  • Receive support services for application of customer rebates and incentives upon installation of energy-efficiency solutions
  • Engage Installation of energy efficiency equipment, at low or no cost
  • Receive services to facilitate and sustain long-term optimization of energy savings, such as employee training and post-installation quality control
  • Increase budget predictability
  • Receive information on other energy management program offerings, funding options or assistance accessing funds
  • Gain access to industry-specific expertise that can provide customized energy management solutions
  • Avoid energy price volatility
  • Gain access to competitive rates
  • Secure optimal contract conditions