The Experience to LISTEN - The Power to SOLVE

Welcome to The Green Alliance

WHAT they say:

More companies than ever before want to reduce their carbon footprint and carbon emissions without breaking the bank. They see corporate responsibility as an asset. They are also looking for savings opportunities to minimize waste in their overhead and expenses.

WELL, we say:

Take a closer look to find out where you are hemorrhaging money so that you can quickly get back on the right track towards profitability.  The Green Alliance is a company that does not believe in temporary fixes. We are seriously dedicated to finding the sources of your losses and providing you low cost to no-cost solutions.

We provide our clients with a broad spectrum of products, services, and programs that will identify waste and reduce your company’s energy consumption.  Everything we do is geared towards enhancing the systems in your facilities by measuring and tracking performance and efficiencies. We audit and evaluate your current equipment and practices, make recommendations for you to keep what is working, eliminate what is not working, and apply new technologies that will pay their own way with predictably solid ROIs.

HOW do we do this?

The Green Alliance works with the best and we have attracted the movers and shakers in the industry — those companies that are constantly challenging themselves with questions like, How can we do this better, for less money, while maintaining top quality? How quickly can we enable a company to recoup its investment? Can we implement our solutions any faster? Are we constantly exploring and using the most innovative ideas?

These questions reflect the core drive of The Green Alliance. Working with these ground-breaking companies, we avail ourselves of their in-depth training and support. We also guarantee that our brokers know what they are doing.  We guarantee that our brokers are the best, full-service consultants and contractors in their fields. We take seriously our commitment to quality by carefully testing and analyzing everything and everyone we work with and making sure that we continually provide products and programs that are state-of-the-art.

WHY do we do this?

Because The Green Alliance can! The savings are there for the taking and we say, take advantage! We only work with the best because this is the only way to provide you the best solutions for your unique situation. We offer a huge menu of interrelated solutions because we understand that no one system stands alone. Just like the butterfly effect one system impacts another system, which impacts another system, and so on and so forth. For example, your immediate issue may be skyrocketing utility bills. An immediate solution may be to switch to a different provider and receive a significantly lower rate. But then what? Our menu of money-saving conservation options is guaranteed to contain several other methods to save your business even more money, every single month, ensuring that your company thrives instead of just survives.

WHEN and how can you make this happen?

Our initial consult is free. We understand that your issues are costing you big money daily. The sooner you speak with us and tell us where you are hurting, the sooner we can diagnose and provide options for healing. This bears repeating: The experts are all under one roof at The Green Alliance. You do not have to spend weeks tracking companies down to ask them to send you a brochure or a video. Contact us and let us help bring profitability back into your business plan.